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    Our list of 7 trips from Šibenik include the area s top destinatios.Even with only one day in Šibenik , there may be enough time to take a quick trip from Šibenik.

    1. ŠIBENIK WALKING TOUR-Come with us for the unforgettable sightseeing of our beautiful medieval town. Our guide will tell you all about how people lived in the past and how they live today.
    2. PANORAMIC BOAT TOUR-Enjoy the views of magnificent medieval town of Šibenik. You will see two UNESCO sites unique St.James cathedral completely made of stone and hidden beauty St Nicolas fortress from the 16 th. century in the St. Anthony s canal.
    3. KRKA Waterfalls National Park- Be ready to feel the power of extraordinary waterfalls.
    4. KORNATI islands National Park-
    5. Riviera tour-it is relaxing and enjoyable journey by boat from Šibenik across channel to the island of Zlarin and island of Prvić. Enjoy beauties of Šibenik s Riviera.
    6. Šibenik to Plitvice lakes
    7. Šibenik to Zadar



    1. Šibenik to KRKA NATIONAL PARK is our favorite trip. Krka National park is a Šibenik MUST-SEE natural attraction!Visitors are welcome              to swim at the falls which makes a day trip from Šibenik to Krka perfect for hot summer days.





    2. PANORAMIC BOAT TOUR is one hour unfoorgetable  panoramic tour. You will enjoy the views of magnificent medieval town of Šibenik            and  You will see hidden beauty St.Nicolas fortress from 16 th century in the St. Anthony s canal.





    3.KORNATI ISLANDS National Park is exquisite place for everybody.Be ready to experience  the Adriatic to the maximum.Islands,swimming         and diving,maritime nature,fresh air….unfoorgetable!







    4. PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK is unique experience for everybody.Be ready for the most beautiful sights,the nature as it once was and        as it still should be.Clear water you can actually drink,waterfalls…..unique




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